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WHATS IN OUR DEEP CLEAN? (apart from elbow grease and love)

You decided your home needs a bit of TLC and what better way to start than to have it DEEP CLEANED by our experienced professional Housekeepers. We pride ourselves on tailoring each Deep Clean to your home, after all they are not all the same and neither are you. This does mean they are by quotation only but we can give you a guide price, its a great chance to meet us face to face and discuss your exact requirements.

An example of a recent one included, all woodwork/PVC, skirting boards, window sills, staircase, door frames, architrave and doors, including front and rear. All inside windows/french or bi-fold doors, including pelmets, poles, and blinds. Conservatory roof de-cobwebbed and cleaned. The Kitchen/Pantry which included on top of and inside all the cupboards. The extractor hood, inside and out of the oven. The fridge/freezer inside and out, getting rid of old/out of date food. The bathrooms included everything that would normally happen in a regular clean but also descaling the taps, shower head, and bath tub. All radiators, sockets and light switches, where we can (safely) light fittings/ chandeliers. Outbuildings, Summer Houses, Bars, Sheds etc can also be included. This all as well as the standard, cobwebbing, dusting, vacuuming and disinfecting. 

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